Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting Walled and Plastered

 So its been a while since I have posted any pictures.  That side project has been keeping me busy and so has school.  So the next few posts are mostly going to be pictures with some commentary.  The last thing I posted was the drywall going up.  Ryan Home's typically likes to nail the sides of the drywall on the sides and screw in the middle.  Not my favorite method, but it is faster than screwing everything.  Hopefully we won't get to many nail pops later on.  Only time will tell.

 The drywall that is hung in the family room.  That's some long sheets of drywall.
 Drywall in the kitchen.

Nice view out the morning room. I hope they move that dirt pile.

 Another view of the morning room.



It's nice to see that the inspector has been there.

Taping all the seams

 Stilts for taping the sealing.  Can't be easy getting up to 8-9ft.

 A nice view down the hallway.

 Finally get to see the fireplace.  It looks nice.  You can also see the future tube in this photo.  It'll make it easier to hook up the TV without having cords everywhere.

They started to tape up the corners

Now that the walls are up and plastered they'll be able to start panting soon.

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