Do-It-Yourself Landscaping


Landscaping is one of the quintessential items that will add curb appeal to your house.  Whether you are planning on selling your house or are just keeping up with the Joneses having proper landscaping helps to spruce up the look of your house.  While the initial upfront cost can be overwhelming the end result is well worth the price.  With that being said professional landscaping can be expensive and Do-It-Yourself landscaping can be daunting.

So what do you do?  If you are like me then paying for somebody else to do something that you are more than capable of is not likely to happen.  The only problem for me was that there are not many resources that cover the whole process of doing your own landscaping.  There are a lot of websites showing you how to design your landscaping and how to plant a shrub, but nothing that covered the little details.  That is why I put these pages together.  I’m not an expert, but I have tried to accumulate as much advice and research into one place for anybody else that is considering the DIY route.

I will also be adding more posts on smaller landscaping projects that I undertake, from training fruit trees to pruning shrubs.


Take the time to plan and design your landscaping to get the best results.

Prep Work

Being meticulous with the prep work can make all the difference


Here are a couple of tips that I learned to make sure your landscaping plants get the best start.

Finished Product

After a lot of hard work enjoying the finished project is the best reward.

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