Thursday, June 7, 2012

Second Floors Done

Stopped back at the house a few days later and the second floor was up.  It finally looks like a house.  At this point there is a lot of commotion as the sub contractors put in the plumbing, electrical, and ducts.  I also had the opportunity to let the electrician know where we wanted the extra outlets to be installed.  We opted for the side of the garage near the front, and in the back on the morning room.  Not too long and the drywall will go up.

The front of the house.  Good thing its taller than me.

Another view of the front of the house.

All the plumbing and duct work for the stack-able washer and set tub.

A nice picture of the shower all set up.
Pod lights over the shower which come standard.

The two cold air returns.  One is in the kitchen and the other is in the hallway on the second floor.  With central cold air returns the doors are not flush with the floor but have a gap.  This allows for proper circulation and cuts down on the amount of duct work.

If you look closely you can see the wire for the outdoor flood light.  It is right next to the second floor window.  You can also see the vent for the fan in the half bath on the first floor.

A good view of the patio door from the outside.  Right next to it we have one outlet and also the vent for the clothes dryer.

Our finished Egress window, and also the mainline electrical box.

A view from the basement of the egress window.  As you can see it lets in a lot of light which is great.

 Our 200W electrical box.  What they have installed is called a 30/40 box.  It comes standard with 30 circuit boxes but the bottom 10 can be split to make 40 circuit boxes.


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