Saturday, May 26, 2012

Floor Plan and Options

This is the Ryan Home's model that we are building.  The few additions that we have are:

Second light on the garage: not even sure why they sell it with just one.
Morning Room: the neighborhood we are moving into had a square footage requirement so we needed to add a morning room.  I think we are the only Florence in the development.
Fourth Bedroom:  We had considered adding the fourth bedroom on our own.  After we thought about it we decided it would be easier for Ryan Homes to add the fourth bedroom as they can do the wiring etc.  We also moved the closet in this bedroom.  We didn't want the master closet to get any smaller so we have the closet moved inside the floorspace.  Since this is the biggest room next to the master bedroom it isn't that big of a deal.
Second sink in the master: not much explaining for that, just gotta have two.
Outdoor Flood Light:  Having an outdoor floodlight is really great for when the kids want to play outside.
20Amp dedicated garage circuit with 2 extra outlets:  We have spoken with the electrician about adding a separate circuit just for the garage outlets that is a 20amp circuit.  In addition we added 2 more outlets one on each side near the front on the garage.  This is important for using power tools as they draw a lot of current and can easily trip a 15 amp circuit with lights and other electrical equipment on them.  Since the garage only comes with 1 outlet standard this was a must have.
2 extra outdoor outlets:  Thought it would be nice to add 2 outlets, one in the front and one in the back for running Christmas lights.  With 4 total outdoor outlets we should be able to have everything covered.
Taller Cabinets:  With 9' ceilings it is necessary to have taller cabinets otherwise they will look goofy.
Gas Stove:  We just enjoy having a gas stove/range, and since it wasn't ridiculously expensive we went for it.
Fireplace:  I was told that you can't sell a home in Buffalo without a fireplace, so this was a must have.  That and fireplaces are fun.

I think that is everything for now.

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